Welcome to My Blog


If you’re here you either have an interest in libraries or you just stumbled upon my blog by accident, either way I’m glad your here.

So what is this blog about? Well it’s about many things, but the focus is going to be on libraries and anything else library and information science (LIS) related and how the LIS field can make an impact U.S. communities.

Now you guys may be wondering, “why libraries, haven’t they become obsolete in the digital age?” My answer to that is yes and no. Libraries are evolving, people can’t just look at libraries as merely repositories for books, because that concept is becoming obsolete, however, librarians and information professionals are increasingly becoming active in their community, and as a result libraries are becoming more like community centers. For example, there are some libraries that are already offering patrons access to maker spaces and 3D printers. Therefore, people should start looking at libraries as places of learning and community development, and not just repositories for various materials.

I’m not going to look at the issues surrounding libraries with a rosy lens, I understand that state governments have slashed funding for libraries (and other government programs) in the past, and that there aren’t as many jobs for library science graduates as there were ten to twenty years ago. My goal is to look at the current issues and analyze them, perhaps there may be a silver lining. In addition to libraries I want to look at issues surrounding information technology (i.e. privacy, keeping the Internet open, Internet safety, expanding broadband, etc.). Perhaps there is a way for librarians and information professionals to contribute to the betterment of technology access beyond just showing someone how to get on the Internet.

Comments, corrections, and ideas are welcome, however, I will not tolerate any hateful messages or any acts of Internet trolling. Everyone has a right to voice their opinions, but please be respectful.